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Stadium standard design plan

  With the continuous development of society, rubber stadium are also entering people’s lives more and more. They are not only a gathering place for a variety of sports, but also a venue for many large-scale events. Let’s look at the optimal plan design for sports. FOSHAN GRK COMMERCIAL CO LTD Contact:Wendy (1)  Competition items: The IAAF Track and Field Facilities Standard Manual stipulates the standard sports track inner circle circumference is 400 meters, of which the radius of the curve should be 36.5 meters, and the straight road should be along the north-south direction to avoid the dazzling influence when the sun position is low. The curve should have 8 lanes, each lane is 1.22 meters wide, and the straight road has 8 to 10 lanes. The safety area inside and outside the track shall be no less than 1 meter. It is necessary to mark the end position of the competition, mark the position of the obstacle course pool, and mark the intersection of the
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The importance of leveling the foundation of a synthetic court

  To build a good rubber   stadium , the foundation is very important. The foundation is the first step in the construction of the stadium. The quality of the foundation directly affects the progress of the subsequent construction. W e believes that the foundation must be leveled before construction. The main impacts of the leveling of the foundation on the construction of the rubber   stadium are as follows: Foshan GRK Commercial Co ltd , 1)   the impact of the leveling of the stadium foundation on the flatness of the rubber   surface .   The foundation is leveled, which is conducive to the scraping of the synthetic   surface, so that the   synthetic   surface achieves the ideal flatness, so as to avoid unevenness and cause rain. Stagnant water. 2)   the impact of foundation leveling on the bonding strength of the synthetic   surface layer . The foundation is uneven, the unevenness of the ground makes the contact between the flooring paint an

Why EPDM track or Spray coat track do not bubble ?

  Why EPDM track or Spray coat track do not bubble ? In the market, there are EPDM track, spray coat track,sandwich track, Full PU track, and prefabricated track . It sepereted by permeable and non-permeable track,EPDM track and Spray coat track belong to permeable track,sandwich track, full pu track and prefabricated track belong to non-permeable track. There are three reasons for rubber track bubbles : 1)The subbase problem; Regarding to Cement subbase, without waterproof layer When the cement foundation construct, or the cement was not maintained for 28 days after the completion of the cement, or the new cement foundation was maintained for 28 days but before the rubber track construction,it dont pickled ( by OXALIC ACID ) . These will cause blistering on the rubber tartan track.Regarding to AC (Asphalt) subbase, the asphalt was not compacted during construction. After the completion of the athletic track, the athletic track delamination and blistering, and the excavated rubber tr

How to distribute the drainage of the rubber track?

  The synthetic running   track of the stadium has a large area, and the rainwater from the surrounding auditorium also flows into the venue. The venue must be used as soon as possible after the rain. The IAAF stipulates: "When the track and field ground is completely submerged, drain water for 20 minutes. Here The water depth of the ground area at any location shall not exceed the depth of the ground structure of the track and field". Site drainage can be a combination of surface runoff drainage and underground infiltration. If only ground runoff is used for drainage, the site is required to be flat and the flooding slope is very uniform, which is difficult for large-area football fields and field games. It is impossible to discharge by water seepage alone, because the water seepage capacity of the site is related to the site structure itself. Even if the water seepage is good, its water seepage capacity will become worse and worse as the service life increases. In addition

Cement embossed floor

Failed subbase before PU,Epoxy, and acrylic application

To fix the waterponding area when apply PU ,SPU or acrylic materials